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to be played by

      Prelim  June 30th             1st round  July 30th   semi final  Aug 30th                                         Final

   P. Cook  v  D. Razey

   C. Haynes  v  R. Haynes      P. Cook   v  R. Haynes                                                       P. Cook v L. Goodman

   M. Bartlett  v  M. Payne     M. Payne  v  A. Castle          P. Cook v M. Payne

                                       D. Butcher  v B. Hewlett     B. Hewlett v   L. Goodman

                                      L. Goodman  v  B. Underhill


to be played by

         Prelim  June 30th               1st round  July 30th            Semi final  Aug 30th                                Final

  B. Hewlett(0) v C. Haynes(5)

  P. Cook (0) v D. Butcher(0)        P. Cook  v B. Hewlett                                                    B. Hewlett v R. Haynes

  L. Goodman(5) v D. Razey(2)     L. Goodman  v  M. Payne       B. Hewlett v M. Payne

  J. Cottrell(4) v M. Payne(3)

                                            M. Bartlett(1) v D. Yorath(4)     D. Yorath v R. Haynes

                                            B. Underhill(2) v R. Haynes(3)

2 - Wood

to be played by   

     Prelim  June 30th            1st round  July 30th              Semi final  Aug 30th                          Final

  R. Haynes  v  D. Razey       D. Razey  v  M. Payne

                                       R. Brown  v  M. Bartlett         M. Payne  v  R. Brown             P. Cook v R. Brown

                                        C. Haynes  v  P. Cook          P. Cook  v  B. Underhill

                                      B. Underhill  v  D. Butcher


to be played by

     1st round  July 30th                          Semi final  Aug 30th                                                 Final

  M. Payne  v  D. Butcher

  B. Hewlett  v  P. Cook                       D. Butcher  v  P. Cook                             B. Underhill  v  D. Butcher

  J. Cottrell  v  D. Razey                        J. Cottrell  v  B. Underhill

  B. Underhill  v  D. Yorath


to be played by

       Prelim  June 30th           1st round  July 30th             Semi final  Aug 30th                          Final

  D. Yorath  v  M. Bartlett   M Bartlett  v  C. Haynes

                                       P. Payne  v  A. Castle        M. Bartlett  v  A. Castle          T. Gardiner  v  M. Bartlett    

                                    L. Goodman  v  J. Cottrell       J. Cottrell   v  T. Gardiner

                                     K. Prescott  v  T. Gardiner


to be played by

                    1st round July 30th                            Semi final  Aug 30th                              Final

   R. Brown, D. Butcher  v  B. Underhill,  M. Payne       R. Brown, D. Butcher  v

   R. Marsh, C..Cornwall v  M. Bartlett,   A. Castle       R. Marsh, C. Cornwall                  R. Brown, D. Butcher  v

   P. Cook, J. Cottrell     v  A. Wells, R. Haynes                                                       A. Wells, R. Haynes    

   D. Razey, D.Yorath     v  B. Lewis, C. Haynes           A. Wells, R. Haynes  v

                                                                          B. Lewis, C. Haynes

Mixed Pairs

to be played by

                     Prelim June 30th

  M. Bidgood, D. Razey    v  R. Haynes, I. Cooke

                    1st round July 30th                           semi final  Aug 30th                                Final    

  R. Haynes, I. Cooke   v  R. Brown, M. Bartlett         C. Lewis, B. Lewis  v  

  A. Castle,  B. Brown      v  C. Lewis,  B. Lewis        M. Bartlett, R. Brown                   P. Cook, V. Ford  v

  C. Haynes,  G. Razey     v  P. Andrews,  R. Marsh                                                    C. Lewis, B. Lewis

  M. Payne,  P. MacGregor v V. Ford,  P. Cook         P. Andrews, R. Marsh  v

                                                                          P. Cook, V. Ford

2015 Competition

Blue - winners,    Red - not so lucky,    Green - conceded

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