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The Club Rules Adopted And Issued By The Management Committee

Under Article 51 of the Articles of Association

Amended at the AGM January 2017


The name of the Club shall be: - The Bristol Arrow Bowling Club


The Headquarters of the Club shall be: - 80 Redland Road, Bristol BS6 6AG


The objects of the Club shall be the promotion and fostering of the flat green game of bowls and social activities connected therewith.


         Membership of Bristol Arrow is open to people of all ethnicities, nationalities, sexual          orientations, religions or beliefs, sexes, ages and ability.

4.1    To become a member a person must be elected by the Management Committee.

         Membership is as follows : -


Members who have paid their Annual Subscription will have the use of the all the clubs facilities and will have voting rights at the AGM. They will be eligible for team selection and internal and external club competitions. They will be County and Bowls England affiliated. Non playing members will not be affiliated. New members shall be considered probationary for the first twelve months, after which time their membership shall be reviewed by the Management Committee. The Club Secretary will then advise the member concerned of the Committee’s decision, which shall be final, at the end of the bowling season.


        Members who are under 18 years of age on the 1st of January have all the rights of Ordinary Members, see 4.1.1, but if under 16 years of age, will not have the right to vote at the AGM.


Members who by reason of the services they have given to the Club, may be elected Life Members at an AGM. They are Ordinary Members, see 4.1.1, with the proviso that they will be exempt from paying an Annual Subscription for the rest of their lives. If a Life Member wishes to contribute to club funds this will be considered a donation.


Ordinary Members of the Club who are unable to play for any reason, may be nominated as a Club Member by the Committee, with no voting rights, on the payment of a yearly subscription of £1.00. Application to return to Ordinary Membership must be agreed by the Committee. Club Members will not be County or Bowls England affiliated.


        (Whose numbers shall not be significant to the total membership)

A Social Member shall not be entitled to use the green, but may do so as a guest upon the invitation of a Full Member and the payment of the Green Fee by their host.

4.2  Ordinary, Junior and Social Members must be elected by the Management Committee’s Membership Sub-Committee. All applications shall be in writing to the Honorary Secretary, who shall, during the playing season display the application on the Club Notice Board for fourteen days. In the close season, the application will be considered by the Full Management Committee. The Membership shall be informed by the start of the outdoor season, of any new members joining since the previous outdoor season.

In the absence of any written adverse report to the Honorary Secretary the Application Form will be passed to the Membership Sub-Committee who will call the applicant for interview and appoint or not appoint as the case may be. Their decision shall be final.

In the case where the Honorary Secretary has received a written adverse report the application shall be considered by the Management Committee for discussion and action.

4.3  Two days must elapse between the election of any person and their admission to membership.

4.4  Voting at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting will be confined to         Ordinary Members and Junior Members over the age of 16.

4.5  The Membership Subscriptions for Ordinary, Junior and Social Members shall be those decided at the Annual General Meeting in January and will become due on the 1st February. Payment must be received by the 31st March. In the event of the subscription being amended and/or agreed at a subsequent Extraordinary General Meeting they will become due 7 days after the date of such a meeting and payment must be received within two months of the latter date or by the opening day, whichever is the earlier. The Ordinary and Junior Member’s subscriptions shall consist of the Club’s subscription, the affiliation fees payable to Bowls England, the Gloucestershire Bowling Association and the City & County of Bristol Bowling Association plus Value Added Tax (if applicable). The affiliation fees for Life Members will be paid by the Club from general funds.

4.6  An up to date Register of Members and their addresses shall be kept on the premises.

4.7  No member shall be eligible for team selection until his subscription has been paid.

       This does not apply to Life Members.

4.8  Match Fees levied on Club Members, Match Fees and other fees levied on visiting sides and their guests, shall be set by the Management Committee.

4.9  Renting of the green. The terms and conditions contained in any Annual Contract entered into between Bristol Arrow Bowling Club Ltd: and another Bowling Club, shall be reported by the Management Committee to an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting for their approval. Ad hoc renting of the green to other clubs will be controlled by the Management Committee and reported to the Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting in retrospect.


        Any member of the Club may introduce not more than two guests on any one day, provided that such a member introducing a guest, shall be responsible for entering his or her name and address in the Visitors book and the member accompanies the guest(s). The member shall pay a green fee of £2.00 per guest to play on the green. No person shall attend as a guest more than four times in any playing season.

        No guest shall be supplied with excisable liquor except on the invitation of, and in the company of, a member. No guest shall be permitted to order or pay for any excisable liquor. Guests must leave the Club before or at the same time as the member introducing them.


6.1  There may be admitted to the Club persons other than members or guests provided that such persons are: -

6.1.1 Members and Officials of Visiting Teams, their supporters, or families or friends, when attending a bona fide sporting function. Provided that the number of supporters, families or friends shall be limited to two per Member or Official of the visiting teams.

6.1.2 Officials in charge or appointed to umpire such sporting functions.

6.1.3 Attending a function held at the Club Premises and sanctioned by the Management Committee. Provided that where such functions are not organised by the Management Committee for the benefit of the Club members. THEN

They shall not exceed 12 occasions in any one year.

48 hours prior notice shall be given to the Police and Clerk to the Justices.

6.1.4 Intoxicating liquor may be supplied or sold to such persons defined in Rule 6.1.1, 6.1.2 and 6.1.3 (and are over the age of 18 years), for consumption on the premises.

6.1.5 A Visitors book shall be kept on the premises.


7.1  The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in January each year, 1/5th         of the membership to form a quorum.

7.2  The Meeting shall elect a Management Committee, comprising: -

A President, Vice President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Green Committee Chairman, Bar Committee Chairman, Club Captain, Club Vice-Captain, Wednesday Captain & Welfare Officer.

7.2.1 All of whom shall retire annually but be eligible for re-election, plus three other members from the Club Membership, who shall be elected for a three year term, one of whom retire each year by rotation, but will be eligible for re-election.

7.3  The meeting will also elect: -

A Sunday Captain, Wednesday Vice-Captain, All necessary League Captains, Two Auditors and Appoint a Bar Committee, A Greens Committee and a Competition Committee.

7.4  The meeting shall receive and approve the Honorary Secretary’s Report and the         Honorary Treasurer’s Annual Accounts.

7.5  The Management Committee will also discuss items on the circulated Agenda plus alterations or additions to the rules that conform to Rule 19.


An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened with not less than seven days or more than twenty one days notice: -

8.1  Upon the Management Committee passing a Resolution to call such a meeting.

8.2  Upon notice being given to the Honorary Secretary by at least 25% of members entitled to vote requesting that such a meeting be called.

8.3  A notice published on the Club notice board shall be deemed written to all members of the proposed meeting.


The Bar Committee shall be responsible for the management and purchase and supply of intoxicating liquor and all matters connected therewith.


        The Match Selection Committee shall be: -

10.1 For Inter Club Games (Friendly)

Club Captain, Club Vice-Captain, Wednesday Captain & Wednesday Vice-Captain.

10.2 League Games

Bristol & District Captain & North East League Captain.

10.3 All National, Gloucestershire BA & City & County of Bristol BA Games

Club Captain, Club Vice-Captain, Wednesday Captain, Wednesday Vice-Captain, Bristol & District Captain & North East League Captain.


The Management Committee shall meet at least six times per year

Five Elected Members to form a quorum.

The Chairman shall have the second or casting vote

The Management Committee shall have the powers to co-opt other members considered necessary and fill any vacancies arising, and appoint sub-committees as and when deemed necessary.

The Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall have the right to attend all sub-committee meetings ex-officio. In the unavoidable absence of the Chairman the Vice President may exercise this right.


Current and any and all Deposit Banking Accounts and all Building Society and Investment Accounts shall be kept in the name of the Bristol Arrow Bowling Club Limited. All cheques and withdrawals from the above accounts must be signed y two of the following three Officers: -

The Chairman, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary

The Honorary Treasurer shall make special and unusual payments as the Management Committee direct. The Honorary Treasurer shall make all other payments and details of such payments reported to the Management Committee at its next meeting.


13.1 Times Of Play

The Club shall be open for play from the Opening Day in April to the 30th September or such period as the Management Committee may decide, and then hours of play shall be as follows: -

Mondays        Normally open from 10am

Tuesdays       Normally open from 12(noon) due to maintenance

Wednesdays  Normally open from 10am

Thursdays       Normally open from 12(noon) due to maintenance

Fridays            Normally open from 10am

Saturdays       Normally open from 10am

Sundays         Normally open from 10am

Rinks must be clear of players by 2pm and 6pm if there is a following match.

All above times are subject to green maintenance requirements and any green or rink closures deemed necessary.

13.2 Orders of Precedence

No member shall book or occupy a rink to play in any competition, which is likely to interfere in any way with an organised Club Match, be it Friendly or League, without the explicit permission of the Captain of the Day.

1 County and Bowls England Club Competitions, Men and Ladies.

2 Individual County Competitions, Men and Ladies

3 Bristol & District League, North East League and Arrow Ladies League Matches.

4 Club Competitions, Men and Ladies

5 League Competitions, NE and B&D


       The permitted hours for the sale of intoxicating liquor shall be: -

        Monday to Thursday 11 am to 3 pm & 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm

        Friday & Saturday 11 am to 3 pm & 5.30 pm to 11 pm

Sunday 1 pm to 3 pm & 6 pm to 9.30 pm

Or as displayed in the Club House provided that any opening hours are covered under the Licensing Act 2003 or by any re-enactment thereof by Bristol City Council, or such hours as may be permitted by the Licensing Acts as may be decided upon.


The Management Committee shall have the power to make regulations for the good conduct of the Club and may suspend, expel or require the resignation of any member who shall have acted in a manner injurious to the reputation or interests of the Club. Members are to be correctly dressed, bowls will have the Club stickers on and the Management Committee require that the correct footwear is worn at all times whilst on the green. Any complaint regarding the conduct of a member must be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary, who shall bring it to the notice of the Management Committee immediately.


16.1 The Club shall be affiliated to Bowls England, the Gloucestershire Bowling Association and the City & County of Bristol Bowling Association and any other appropriate Bowling Associations.

16.2 The Arrow Ladies Bowls Club shall be affiliated to the Bristol Arrow Bowling Club, within the terms of their contract.


           The whole of this rule has now been removed from the Rule Book. It has been re-instated as a bye-law administered by the Management Committee with the power to suspend or adjust any part of it, if it was felt appropriate. Members entitled to vote, may vote for changes to bye-laws at an AGM or EGM without the restrictions placed upon rule changes. For clarity the Dress Code is shown as a separate item after the end of the Rule Book. Members are required to conform to the Club Bye-Laws as though they were a part of the Rule Book. (The Bye-Law can be found at the end of this document)


18.1 The Club shall play under the laws of Bowls England and of those of World Bowls.

18.2 Copies of Bowls England Laws shall be available in the Pavilion.

18.3 A copy of the Club Rules shall be exhibited on the Club Notice Board together with copies of the Club’s memorandum and Articles of Association.


19.1 Alterations to these Rules or any additions shall be made only at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.

19.2 Notice of any such alterations or additions, signed by at least two members entitled to vote must be received by the Honorary Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting.

19.3 Notice of suggested alterations or additions to the Rules must be given to members at least seven days prior to the date of the meeting.

19.4 Any matter not provided for in these Rules shall be decided upon by the Management Committee whose decision shall be final and binding.


17    DRESS CODE (Formerly Rule 17 in the Club rules).

17.1 Normal Dress is a navy blue Blazer with club badge on left breast pocket, club polo shirt and grey long trousers, this should be worn when attending, and leaving a bowling green for a fixture.

17.2 WHITES: - White long trousers, Club Polo Shirts, white sweater or jacket

Usually worn for all afternoon fixtures and the later stages of competitions

17.3 GREYS: - Grey long trousers, Club polo shirt with white sweater or jacket. Usually worn for league matches, and evening matches in county and club competitions and friendly club games.

17.4 Bowling balls must display correct Bristol Arrow club stickers.

17.5 Waterproof Clothing if worn must be white.

17.6 When using the Green, correct flat-soled footwear must be worn.

17.7 As an affiliated member club of Bowls England, the Gloucestershire Bowling Association and the City & County of Bristol Bowling Association, all relevant rules apply.

17.8 Members are free to choose to wear tailored short trousers, of the appropriate colour, instead of long trousers, at home friendly matches, if they so wish. (Note that the hosts of away matches may or may not permit the wearing of shorts. Members  are advised to also take long trousers if they are unsure).